LA BeachFitYour Ticket to a More Fit, Sexier, Better You.

IN YOUR FIRST FIVE WEEKS, YOU WILL LOSE 5-12 POUNDS AND 3-5% BODYFAT. Guaranteed. How will you get these results? We will start by boosting your metabolism. Fact: boosting your metabolism will cause you to burn more fat. ALL DAY LONG. Then we'll develop a tailored fitness and nutrition plan that doesn't require spending $700 a week at Whole Foods. And finally, your mind will get ripped as you become part of a community of positive like minded people. In just 12 weeks, we will give you a FULL BODY TRANSFORMATION. What does that mean? You will be ripped. You will have muscle tone. You will feel like a superhero. Otherwise, we'll refund your money 100%. It's that simple.

  • Overcome Your Fears and Get Fit

    Overcome Your Fears and Get Fit

    Fear is probably the number one obstacle to people starting a workout program.  We fear how hard the program might be.  We fear failure.  We

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  • Personal Training

    Personal Training

    We offer transformative one-on-one personal training at $87 per session. Sessions are an hour long and include......

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  • Nutrition


    Our team demystifies the challenge of healthy eating, breaking it into manageable, concrete steps. We’ll track your progress by...

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